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A HAUNTING IN DEEZ STREETS  is a short horror series of 12 bizzare stories of the haunting and scary things that happen in the everyday lives of people in the streets.  The stories delve into some of the Psychological issues that people go through in their neighborhood. EP. 3 "DO THE MATH" - “ONE MAN’S STRUGGLE IS ANOTHER MAN’S GIFT” It reflects the harsh realities of the human condition.  Human beings all struggle with something in life.  It is the condition that makes us all more a like then different.  Freddie is homeless, but focused on his purpose as he understands it.  To some it seems as if he has lost his way and his mind has betrayed him.  However, Freddie is shaken, but does not waver from his mission.  He takes all his experiences with others as business as usual.

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