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Dawn  is an award winning Actress, Producer,  Director,  and  Dancer.   She is best known for   “22 Years”,  “My Normal” and  “Shattered Pitch”.   She is an awesome talent that is consistent in bringing thought provoking entertainment to the big screen.   Dawn is a great fit for the character “Claudia”  in Ep. 4 "PARA-NOYING".   She is the feisty leader of the group.  "Claudia" takes charge in every situation and gets the task done.   The others look up to her and take comfort in her decision making.



Cree is an award winning Actress and Dancer.   She  has acted in  "SAVED-ISH",   "THE BENCH" and short horror film “PLAYDATE”.   She tackles a character with fierceness and boldness.   Her presence on screen can not be denied.   Cree is challenged with bringing “Reggie” to life in Ep. 4 "PARA-NOYING".  She is the "Babygirl" of the group.   "Reggie" is spoiled and always keeps the weed flowing.   The others love and accept her for who she is and she makes no apologies for who she is…

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