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KUSH KRONICLES is a short horror film series, narrated by "MARYJANE" a wise cracking Voodoo Preistess from the Underworld.  She comes to life to share her Intro's and Outro's of 12 creepy tales that focuse on smoking weed, getting high with your friends and the crazy, unexplainable things that can happen during that “Rite of passage”.   This short film  "PARA-NOYING"  EP. 4 - "Beware of Hitchhikers that Get Lifted"  is just one of 12 creepy episodes of "KUSH KRONICLES".  

Claudia, Sammy and Reggie take a short cut home from a late night party.  Drea waits at a nearby bus stop alone.  The girls decide to pick her up for her own safely.  Shorty after, the girls find themselves on a dark road, with no cell service and changing a flat tire.  They have no choice, but to get to know their new friend. 

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